Alpha 0.1

Initial feature set is in place. Part selection, duplication, deletion, re-sizing, custom reference image, and in-app photography are all working.

Next on the list:

  • Save state!
  • Ability for the user to move the Duplication and Scale tools wherever they would like in the scene.
  • User-selected paint/materials for parts.
  • Part regeneration on the racks (so that duplication is not needed as much and so the racks don't look so empty when parts are removed).

Longer term:

  • Eventually I would like to include OBJ export of the assembled model, but that may take some time.
  • Lower polygon count parts would be ideal, but thanks to box colliders and no real time shadows I am still running at above 100 fps even with those unreasonably greebly pieces so that will be a task for a later optimization pass.

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Nov 18, 2018

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