Feedback notes from Alpha 0.1

High priority issues from user tests:

  • Text needs to be legible from any direction.
  • Make exit button option more obvious.

Recommendations from users:

  • Allow full locomotion using analog sticks (in addition to teleport).
  • Allow snap turn.
  • For the resize and duplicate boxes, have them activated by pressing a button on the controller.
  • For lazy people add the ability to point at a part and pick it up regardless of your distance from it (have a line extend from the motion controller, button activated, for pickup).
  • Eventually would be neat to add gravity, like once you’re done press a button and everything goes all rag doll, I realize that's probably impossible without having objects tethered together though.
  • Color and texture options for parts would be neat (think a tilt brush like interface for applying them)
  • For the delete box, increase size for when deletion occurs (ex anywhere up to a foot around the whole box), but adding the pointer to pick up and place items would solve this too.

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