Alpha 0.1.3

It's occurred to me that working on this only during the weekends may have not been the best idea. In recent testing I exposed a bug wherein a part collected from one of the racks would cease being interactive. The most annoying thing about this bug is that it doesn't come up within the first few minutes. It only shows up several minutes in.

I couldn't pinpoint exactly what was tripping the bug, but I have no doubt that it was due to multiple scripts which I had given overlapping control of scene elements. This sloppiness on my part seems mostly due to forgetting exactly where I was during the last work session each week prior. In the 0.1.3 build I have cleaned up the amount of scripts and dependencies but there may still be issues. Going forward I plan to set up a master scene control script to centralize behavior and keep this particular kind of bug from occurring again (or at least make it easier to pinpoint its cause).

EDIT: I found the issue and of course it was a simple thing. The buttons which select the part racks were deactivating the racks at the root game object level which was causing connection loss between scripts on the rack parts and other scene objects which they relied on. The solution was a simple bit of scripting that only turns off the colliders and renderers as needed. The reason it was so hard to pinpoint was because the effects only showed up after a rack had be enabled, disabled, and then enabled again. Since I could make an entire test kitbash from just one or two racks it wasn't always showing up for me. A real head-slapper, that one.

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Dec 16, 2018

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